Tequila has long since been in demand at the hippest clubs from Los Angeles and Miami to London and now the hype surrounding Mexico’s national drink is slowly attracting attention in Europe.
Premium Tequila from Padre Azul is probably the most striking example of this trend: high-quality design in a leather jacket, hand-blown bottles, as well as a solid metal fastening in a skull design as a homage to the traditional, Mexican death’s-head culture.

Fascination and passion

One thing, in particular, binds us together — our passion for tequila.

If you have ever travelled around Mexico, it will not have escaped your notice that the agave spirit is present in every conceivable situation and often plays a leading role. In Mexico, tequila symbolises something that we, at times, seem to have lost elsewhere: taking time for friends and family, time to enjoy ourselves and to celebrate. This inspired us to create a product that combined all of these things: friendship, culture and enjoyment. The very things that remind us that life can be fantastic.

"The main ingredient for outstanding tequila is time."

Master Distiller Jesús Partida Meléndez