Luxor Crystal is a newly established company whose aim is to market high-quality glass products embellished with Swarovski® crystals: unique creations and fascinating products.

Our products – high-quality glasses embellished with Swarovski® crystals. The crystals are available in different sizes, colours and shapes for making unusual designs.
We market our own collections and make tailor-made, personalised glass products that are aimed at the luxury market, in a wide range and many exclusive designs.

The management team at Luxor Crystal has many years of experience, not just in starting up businesses, but also in the field of international marketing and sales. The team can also rely on a well-established network of partners and consultants.

Caro Reindl

Caro Reindl worked for noted brands in the field of jewellery and interiors. She is mainly responsible for making sure production runs smoothly at Luxor Crystal. She coordinates day-to-day processes with Swarovski®, as well as direct sales in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Luxor Crystal
"Radiation and lighting for Tyrol - my guiding principle!"

Caro Reindl